Fritsch’s Pfusch
cinematography for Lisa Wagner’s cinema-documantary
Germany – 2020, 79 minutes

At the peak of his success, director Herbert Fritsch again has to figure out what modern theater means to him. Fritsch ́s Pfusch is a documentary about the unconventional work of outstanding theatre director Fritsch, his illustrious ensemble and his last play „Pfusch“ at the Volksbühne Berlin.They do acrobatics in a giant tube, they bash out monotone quavers on twelve pianos, they take dainty steps across the stage, eyes rolling, in frilly dresses. Herbert Fritsch puts on a production of “Pfusch” at the Berlin Volksbühne: with brilliant method in its madness.

Production: Lisa Wagner, Victor Buzalka
Director / Script: Lisa Wagner
Cinematography: Paul Rohlfs
2nd Camera: Lisa Wagner
Additional Camera: Sebastian Lempe, Annegret Sachse
Montage: Ben Laser
Sound: René Nicklaus
Additional Sound: Simon Konrad, Roman Hoeffgen, Jens Mühlener, Simon Paul, Oskar Stiebitz Sounddesign: Antonio de Luca
Grading: Paul Rohlfs
Remixer: Jan Petzold
Gefördert von der Film-und Medienstiftung NRW

Images: Thomas Aurin, Paul Rohlfs

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